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IMPORTANT Announcement from the executive director:  January 14, 2016

By popular demand, a one day cadaver workshop on February 7, 2016 is finalized for those wanting more training in the YESS inside-out endoscopic technique.

This workshop will immediately follow the Cedars Sinai 15th Annual Symposium on current Concepts in Spinal Disorders where I am moderating a session on endoscopic Surgery. Please consider attending at least the Saturday session of the Cedar’s symposium.

The Mini-cadaver workshop will be offered especially for members of IITTSS and those who have contacted me or who have had previous exposure to transforaminal endoscopic decompression for intradiscal decompression for discogenic pain and HNP.  A New 70 degree scope to observe annular tears as well as techniques of foraminoplasty with newly available foraminoplasty instruments made only by Richard Wolf USA will be demonstrated to previous cadaver workshop attendees.

I already have 10 attendees confirmed from private e-mail contact requesting advanced training. Participation in the hands on Cadaver workshop will be limited to 20 participants.

The mini-cadaver course through IITTSS is to update members on New techniques and instrumentation for discogenic pain from toxic annular tears, lateral recess stenosis, nucleus augmentation and interspinous stabilization, and DRG neuromodulation.  Sponsors are Richard Wolf USA, Elliquence, and Stimwave.

There will be an attendance cost of $500 for lifetime members who have been invited to and paid to be lifetime members of IITTSS, and $750 for other interested members in the IITTSS database, payable to IITTSS at the door or through paypal on the IITTSS website (www.iittss.org) , who support our platform to offset the expenses of a cadaver workshop.

This will include a hosted buffet dinner at Red Wok Buffet, a Chinese restaurant Saturday evening, with introductory lectures to prepare for the Workshop.  Hampton Inn offers a hot continental breakfast and a class room for opening instructional talks. The cadaver workshop will be on Superbowl Sunday, followed by a hosted Superbowl Party at my home on Sunday afternoon.

Accommodations have been arranged at the Hampton Inn 2310 E HIGHLAND AVE 602-956-5221.  Check the website of Hampton Inn for hotel registration details.

Those who can stay over ON MONDAY AND TUESDAY will have a chance to witness live endoscopic surgery emphasizing MIS disc decompression and foraminoplasty using new tools FOR FORAMINOPLASTY designed by Wolf with my help that is only available through wolf USA and not Wolf GmBh. YOU WILL ALSO BE ABLE TO SEE DEMONSTRATION OF A 70 DEGREE SCOPE to enhance your results treating toxic annular tears. 

Please visit my website www.sciatica.com and visit the top 10 playlists featuring live surgical cases that you can view on You-tube.

A limited supply of my newly designed instruments are available so if you are interested in purchasing these new instruments and cannulas, be prepared to buy them here or order through Richard Wolf Instrument Company in Vernon Hills, attention Tom Kienzle. You will also see how I can facilitate transforaminal surgery with the tools available form a variety of vendors

Because we are using 2 cadavers for hands on, the attendees will be limited to 20 applicants. I will also have a third dissected cadaver available for review of anatomy so you can get oriented to foraminal anatomy unfamiliar to traditional surgeons. Some of you who are already performing endoscopic surgery but who want to be updated on the YESS philosophy and technique as taught by will have priority as long as you let me know and confirm your attendance.

I want to also bring your attention to the Cedars Sinai symposium to be held in Las Vegas Feb 4-6, 2016. There will be a special session on Endoscopic MIS surgery where I will present and will also serve as a moderator. The is the Super Bowl weekend, but the meeting will end Saturday afternoon, giving attendees who are attending this comprehensive and thought out meeting on a wide spectrum of Surgical Spine Care where Transforaminal Endoscopic Surgery is given planned exposure by the program committee, consistent with our platform and goals.

Attached is a link to the Cedars meeting and a recent editorial I wrote to an open access Journal spine.

IITTSS , a supporter of WCMISST, has been invited to put on a plenary session of 90 minutes on Endoscopic Surgery at the WCMISST and KOMISS meeting on  Jeju Island, Korea, June 1-4, 2016 that will be separate from the main scientific program of free papers and international invited speakers. 

Members who are planning to attend and want to be considered as a presenter for this plenary session are encouraged to send me your proposed talk of 10 minutes. Adding your abstract of 500 words will improve your chances of being selected for this 90 minute session that will have no support from the organizing committee of WCMISST V unless you are an invited speaker or plenary session moderator/ organizer.

This will be a good time for any IITTSS member who desires to showcase your work in the Intradiscal and transforaminal MIS surgical field to submit your work for presentation. Just e-mail me with your proposal and abstract in word format and I will have an appointed committee review the proposals for inclusion in the session.

Attached above is a link to the Cedars meeting and a recent editorial I wrote to an open access Journal spine.

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15th Annual Symposium on Current Concepts in Spinal Disorders


Thursday – Saturday, February 04, 2016 – February 06, 2016

Visit the website Symposium for more details

ACMIIST / IITTSS 2015 was a HUGE success


September 24-27th, 2015 in HOTEL CIDADE DE GOA, INDIA

Visit the website 2015 PHOTOS for PHOTOS download.


ACMIIST / IITTSS 2015 Report By Dr Gore

ASIA miss and IITTSS combined meeting at goa India September 2015 under presidentship of Dr Satishchandra Gore. It was the 4th meet of acmisst and was also supported by wenmiss. Meeting was held at cidade de goa at Dona Paula goa India during that weekend. It was attended by 102 delegates 18 Indian and 6 international faculty including Drs Anthony Yeung, Gun Choi, Hyeun Kim, Tolgay Satana, Tarik Yazar, Sriphirom Pornpavit. This was one of the rare meetings where we had all major endoscopy and spinal implants companies present at same time. On day one 24 Sep 2015, introductory lectures were on moving away from images to pain and away from fusion. Dr Gore and Yeung addressed the gathering. Dr Prof Jaiswal made delegates aware of the fusion possibilities and indications where it is apt solution. The meeting had a basic expose of philosophy of minimally invasive spine surgery and pain management on 24th Sep 2015. Noon had a very extensive symposium supported by Pfizer about managing nerve mediated pain medical and surgical alternatives. Lectures by eminent Indian faculty were followed by case scenarios which were thoroughly discussed as to the best alternatives under chairmanship of Dr Manoj Sharma. The final part of the day was very interesting interview of Dr Yeung taken by Dr Gore. Dr Yeung was quite forthright in his answers and made delegates realize the hard work and devotion which has taken him and miss spine to heights where we have it today. It was also a journey down the memory lane for him and most appreciated his dedication and sincerity as well as expertise and seniority. Day 2, 25 Sep 2015 was essentially devoted to cadaver dissection and learning access to foramen and other subtle details of the miss philosophy. The noon was devoted to fusion and stabilization techniques. The delegates who chose to remain in hotel had a chance to attend two interesting workshops, one on social media as enabler for spine surgeons. This was conducted by shri. Sachin Kelkar from SOCIAL KONNECT and was highly appreciated by one and all. The noon was a workshop on methodology and techniques in treating osteoporosis medically and surgically. This was supported by Eli Lilly. The cadaver workshop was supported in its contents by pathirakha foundation a public charitable trust devoted to bring new technologies to doctors. Conference was inaugurated at hands of VC of DY Patil medical university DR SANJAY OAK in evening. DY Patil University is a prominent university from city of new Bombay. Dr OAK himself is a pediatric laparoscopist and talked at length on precision training and prudence in minimal access surgery. HE also took questions from the audience which ranged from technology and philosophy as it is seen changing towards minimal invasion in surgery. Day 3 started very early at 730 am with a lecture by Dr Anand Agarwal , prof of bioengineering and orthopedics from University of TOLEDO over video link about future of spine endoscopy with special reference to endoscopic fusion philosophy and techniques. It made the delegates aware of exciting future when we will be able to stabilize and fuse a unstable or deformed spine under local anesthesia with minimum morbidity in a miss way. Day had long sessions mainly devoted to video presentations on techniques of pain management [medical and noninvasive] then transforaminal surgery and stabilization. The video presentations were supplemented by live demonstrations beamed from GOA MEDICAL COLLEGE OR. The live surgery was ably managed by Drs Bandekar and Dr Kavi. Total 3 cases were done and shown namely facet and root block, transforaminal endoscopy and then a hybrid surgical stabilization which combines transforaminal decompression with stabilization by percutaneous technique. The surgery was mainly able to emphasize the ease and technique of transforaminal access. To highlight technology and its ramifications in medicine we had a video conf. with Microsoft Singapore office head Mr. Gabe Rijpma. He talked at length about Microsoft initiatives in healthcare. The delegates were benefitted by his depth of knowledge and clear cut demonstration of the emerging technologies for health care. Short 1 hour session on free papers presented by delegates brought in an array of new ideas in miss spine. This included prospective studies about its utility, comparison with open access, applications in metastatic disease, and new ways of applying our validated principles. To augment clinical information we had an evening session on business of spine surgery which was ably conducted by AJAY PITRE of Pitre ventures assisted by Amar Pradhan and Mohan Nair who are stalwarts in their own right in their own fields of health care finance and marketing. This brought home the need to be more market savvy in addition to being an expert in surgery. Late evening a cultural program with lazy dinner concluded the day. The delegates were able to participate in singing and dancing with spirits high and share their experience with all. DAY 4 27 Sep had two main short sessions on failed back surgery and future in miss. It highlighted “attention to detail and method “can help us overcome known traditional failures. It is finally surgeon factor which makes a difference and we do have some pain management salvage routes to failure in surgery. The program concluded with valedictory remarks by Dr Gore who summed up proceedings over 4 days. He felt the meeting brought “dose of reality” to both pain management and surgeon doctors. Next IITTSS and WORLD CONGRESS is now awaited and will be held in JUNE 2016 in Cheju island SOUTH KOREA.


Announcing ISASS Basic and Advanced Endoscopic and ASC-MIS Spine Surgery Cadaver Training Course


September 18-20th, 2015 in Boston, MA

Online registration for this meeting is open. Register today to join the world's leaders in spine. Visit the website www.isass.org for additional information.
Review the Program at http://www.globreg.com/isass15sept/
Register by going to:  http://www.globreg.com/isass15sept/registration.do/
Agenda is at http://www.globreg.com/isass15sept/agenda.html
Hotel Information is at http://www.globreg.com/isass15sept/hotel.html




September 24-27th, 2015 in HOTEL CIDADE DE GOA, INDIA

Online registration for this meeting is open. Register today to join the world's leaders in spine. Visit the website www.acmisst2015.com for additional information.
Registeration is at:  http://acmisst2015.com/mobile/acmisst2/index.html#p_4/
Schedule is at http://www.isass.org/h/isass15-conference-schedule.html
Program is at http://www.isass.org/h/isass15-scientific-program.html
Venue Info is at http://acmisst2015.com/mobile/acmisst2/index.html#p_8


Message From Satish Gore

President of IITTSS 2015-2017

Annual update of miss was held in pune india under program director DR satishchandra Gore. This was held in prime surgical centre on 24 25 26 January 2015.It was attended by 59 surgeons from various parts of the world including russia, phillipines, indonesia, south africa, saudi arabia, egypt, to name a few, in addition to large number of indian neuro and ortho spine surgeons.. Dr Anthony Yeung was the main speaker at the event, highlighting state of the art and also generate meaningful discussion on SED past and future. He gave a series of talks which were matched by surgical demonstrations by Dr gore and his team. The team was consisting of Dr sunil nadkarni, Dr Anand Kavi, Dr milind Gandhi, Dr ajay krishnan.

Message From The Executive Director

March, 2015

On January 25th , 2015 Satish Gore was officially pinned as the president of IITTSS for the next two years. A workshop at the same time as their annual Indian spine society meeting drew 59 attendees who chose the workshop over attending the annual meeting. This workshop was attended by a very enthusiastic group who believed in the direction of IITTSS in MIS Endoscopic Spine. We have concluded that such meeting and workshops will be the agenda in teaching and promoting the Least Invasive MIS Spine treatment philosophy to a new generation of young spine practioners and leaders. It will draw traditional spine providers as well as MIS spine surgeons to this field. We are careful to bring in non-surgeons as well as surgeons, but will be very selective that those we train must work along side surgeons if they are not surgically trained or affiliated with spine surgeons who take the time to learn this philosophy. In the US, IITTSS has found that partnering with ISASS can benefit both organizations, and to this end, a course has been added to the 2015 annulal meeting in April. You will see more focused workshops that will have CME whan associated with ISASS, but we will still have non-CME workshops around the time of the major meetings unless we are welcomed to be part of the main program with such organizations as NASS and SMISS. In Asia, Endoscopic Spine surgery is much more and accepted. Dr Gore has been extremely busy holding workshops all over Asia and the Middle East. I invite you to accept my invitation to be life time members with a $1,000 membership fee that will be open for a short time until we have a core of dedicated members who will form the leadership of the organization. Compared to other Spine Organizations, we will emphasize quality , proficiency, and acceptance of the IITTSS philosophy is promoting the least invasive most effective treatment for patients with chronic back pain and radicular pain. Our philosophy and technique is now cited by Pubmed Central through an inaugural special Issue of IJSsurgery. Dr Gore and I have 4 articles in the Journal. It can be accessed at www.sciatica.com along with master lectures and videos of for educational purposes.


Message From The Executive Director

SEPTEMBER 21, 2014

The 4th international Intradiscal and Transforaminal MIS workshop was and joined by the International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery for its most successful workshop ever.  The cadaver workshop was over subscribed three weeks before the workshop, and the attendees overwhelmingly gave the workshop its highest possible rating.  James Yue, M.D., chief of spine at Yale Medical school co-chaired the workshop which featured international faculty, all rated as # 1 in their respective countries in MIS spine surgery and were pioneers of currently practiced transforaminal and translaminar technqiues.

Macintosh HD:Users:anthonyyueng:Desktop:photo.JPG

Satish Gore of Pune, India officially took over as president of IITTSS for the next two years. He will plan the next IITTSS supported workshop in Pune, India January 24, 25, and 26, 2015.

The workshop also inaugurated the special MIS issue of the International Journal of ISASS, an open access journal that can be accessed at http://isass.org . The faculty of the workshop contributed prominently to the special issue. I invite you to read the issue cover to cover as the articles validate the philosophy of performing the least invasive tissue sparing procedure that does not burn any bridges before fusion.

I remind those who want to be active members to send in their annual dues at $250/year, but $1,000 will give you a lifetime membership and form the nucleus of the committees and officers of the organization.

If you just want to be on our selected e-mail list, Please register your interest by entering your e-mail address in the our website to be included in e-mail announcements .

Dues can be paid through paypal. Please go to link (left column above) in this website which says "IITS membership", choose Lifetime or Annual, and click "Add to Cart".



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Desert Institute For Spine Care




III World Congress of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Techniques August 16-18, 2012 in Bahia, Brasil

Iberostar Bahia Hotel

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Venue Boston

Hyatt Regency, Boston
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Venue Goa

Cidade De Goa, India
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Squaw Peak Hilton, Phoenix, Arizona
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